Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mom, How About Kase Field?

On Saturday, the four of us headed to College Station for the Maroon and White scrimmage.  Tickets are only 5 bucks for adults and kids are free so we plan on using this game as a test for the boys each year.  If they do well, we will start taking them to the regular season games.  We have four tickets in our section, but last year sold the boys' tickets to each game.  The boys had a good time, but Jason and I decided that we weren't ready to actually spend money on them!

The boys needed new Aggie hats, so we used them as bribe material on the way there.  After they got new hats, we headed to the newest chicken place in College Station, Fowl Digits.  College Station has as many chicken places, as Waco has banks, churches, and Mexican food places.

On the way from lunch to the field, we stopped at a gas station.  Jason ran in, and I stayed with the boys in the truck.  The boys could see Kyle Field from where we were parked and Kyle asked to go to Kyle Field about a million times while we were waiting for Jason to get back the truck.

Kyle: Mom, when we going to go to Kyle Field?  I want to go Kyle Field.  I want to see the Aggies in Kyle Field....

Kase: Mom, how about Kase Field?

Kyle: No Kase.  Its Kase (Case) combine, not Kase Field.  Kyle Field.

And then there was arguing in the back seat and giggling from me in the front seat.

The first half was a little rocky, with kids not wanting to stay on our row, out off the isle, but we made it through.  We just didn't see much of the game.  At half time we got popcorn and picked different seats for a change in scenery.  The second half went much better, but the lack of a forth quarter may have helped that!

After the game, they let fans down on the field.  The boys loved this part and I was so happy that we made it through the game.

They had a blast tackling each other.

And then tackling Dad too!

When it as time to leave Kyle Field, we walked through the new MSC, and over to Rudder Fountain.

Then on the way out, Jason noticed the newly renovated baseball field.  We drove around it, and then he wanted his picture taken in front.

It was a great day, and yet another installment of Aggie brainwashing!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I Am So Not Ready For This...

And I don't know if I ever will be.  

There is a little creek that runs through our neightborhood.  All the kids like to play in it and hunt for crawdads.  One little boy brought a bucket full of them back to his house.  We were all outside, so he stopped to show the boys.  Kase didn't want to touch them (that's my boy!), but Kyle actually held one.  Jason and I couldn't believe it.

Oh yuck!  This stuff gives me the willies!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kyle Has News to Share

You can decide the most important...

Anyone who thought I was pregnant can go ahead and punch themselves in the stomach.

Megan and Ryan are having a baby in October. A doctor has confirmed that there is only one baby, but they don't know if it is a boy or girl yet. Kyle thinks they are having a boy... we'll see 6 months!

Cute story for ya...

Several months ago when we started potty training, the boys would get a Starburst candy after going in the potty. Once after Kyle went, he followed me to the kitchen to claim his prize. I pulled out one of those two packs of Starbursts to give to him... I think it was left over Halloween candy. After he opened the package and saw that there were two Starbursts instead of just one, he looked up at me with huge, excited eyes and said "There's two!" I replied "Bonus!"

Just a few days ago, Jenny was over at our house, visiting with my Mom while she was watching the boys in the afternoon. They were talking to the boys and I think the conversation went something like this...

Mom: Boys, do you think Meggy is going to have a baby boy or a baby girl?

Kyle: Um, I think she is going to have a baby boy... and a baby girl.

Mom: Oh really, you think she is going to have two babies like you guys?

Kyle: Bo-nus!

My Mom and Jenny said they were crying from laughing so hard!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just A Sample Of The Shenanigand That Go On!

This is Kyle pretending to be Puss in Boots.