Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Race For The Cure

The boys and I did the Race for the Cure 5K again this year. This was their 3rd time to participate. Jason wanted in on the fun so he came along for the first time. I was glad he decided to come. It turned out to be a fun family event for us.

I had been telling the boys about the "race" that we were going to be in and dressed them in their "race shirts" that morning. The idea of a race was exciting for them so they were all about it!

Of course, once we got downtown, I realized that the tires on the stroller were looking a little low. Luckily Jason had his portable air compressor with him... a Christmas present from JuJu! Jason had us up and running in no time and we were off to find some fun before the race started.

A bounce house... always a hit with Kyle and Kase!

Time to head to the starting line.

The boys chilled the entire time. We hardly heard a peep out of them! Jenny ran the 10K while we walked the 5K (slackers!) so we were watching and waiting for her to run past us. We met up near the end of the race so we all ran together to the finish.

We needed a cool down after the race so we sat and had some water and snacks while the boys ran around and played.

They boys were invited to a birthday party that morning. Jenny let us shower and get ready at her house so that we could get to the party. Jenny and Lily entertained the boys while Jason and I got ready.

We made it to the party and the boys had fun playing outside.

After the party, we came home and spent even more time outside. I showed the boys how to "paint" the fence with a paintbrush and some water. They ask to paint fence all the time now... I love how busy it keeps them!

Man, what a fun Saturday!

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