Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maroon and White Game

On April 16th, we drove down to College Station with Jason's parents for the Maroon and White game... the game in the Spring when the defense plays the offense... a guaranteed win! Jason and I have purchased season tickets for the second year, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to take the boys to a game and see how they would do (admission was $5 versus $80 plus). We eventually want to get four season tickets so that the entire family can go to the games. We found out this is not the year to do it! The boys aren't quite ready.

We talked up the trip to Kyle Field for weeks so they were very excited about going and seeing the Aggies.

Which way to Kyle Field?
That way!

HEB was there, passing out fruit, so we had a little snack before going into the stadium.

The first few minutes were exciting, but after the popcorn was gone, the boys were not happy to sit (stand) and watch the Aggies play.

After we snapped these pictures, I ended up chasing them all around Kyle Field looking for Gators. During the second half, I was pretty worn out so I walked them over to an abandoned Gator and let them climb all over it for almost an hour. While they played, I rehearsed my plea for the official who I just knew was going to come yell at us. Luckily, he never came!

Near the end of the game, we headed back to our seats. When it was over we walked down to the field so that Kyle could walk on Kyle Field for the first time.

I wanted to get a cool shot of Kyle with Kyle Field in the back ground. I need improvement... and I'm sure I'll get more practice soon.

Let the brainwashing begin!

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