Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hare cuts!!

We had a busy Saturday planned for April 23.

I made the boys wear the Easter Bunny shirts I made again (won't be the last time), and we met my mom at the salon for haircuts. Kyle has never really enjoyed getting his hair cut. He usually has to sit on my lap and wines the entire time. This time he was so pumped about getting his hair cut. I think he saw a Dora episode about getting a hair cut and he talked non-stop about how his hair was "too long" and that he needed a hair cut.

I figured that his hair cut phobia was over and this appointment would be smooth sailing. Wrong! Kyle never cried more.

He was fine once we got in the car.

Kyle: "I got my hair cut!" (said with so much enthusiasm)
Me: "I know, did you like getting it cut?"
Kyle: "YES!!!"

Could have fooled me!

From the salon, we headed to Trinity for their Easter egg hunt. Lara's parents were helping out with it and were able to help me keep track of both of my kids!

Kase always gets the first egg and has to stop and see what is in it. He rarely ends up looking for a second egg! He must have gotten a little help though, because his bucket was pretty full by the end.

After the hunt, the kids went inside for stacks and a coloring contest.

They had a great time hunting eggs and we had a fun Saturday.

Thanks for the invite and the help, Tom and Sheila!

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Lara said...

So sweet! My poor parents need some grandkids.