Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easter Play Date

On April 20th, we invited some of our friends over for an Easter play date.

I made some yummy food for both the Moms and the kids. Those are my favorite spinach cupcakes there! So sneaky!

I borrowed a table from church so that all the shorties would have a place to eat and get crafty.

I made an Easter milk jug top matching game for everyone to play with and then take home with them.

After snacks, the kids got busy decorating a picture of an Easter egg with dot markers.

Cooper watched!

Then, the kids decorated some cupcake liners...

and while they played...

the Moms turned the cupcake liners into this!

Since I made a sample ahead of time and Kyle and Kase each made another, they decided to give one to their Gibi and one to their Grammy for an Easter gift.


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