Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas

On March 26th, Jason, my parents, and I took the boys up to Grapevine for A Day Out With Thomas. Their friends, Mase and Asa (and their Moms) were able to make the trip too. The boys were beyond excited because I had really been talking it up... and the LOVE Thomas.

There was off-site parking a few blocks away from the event so we had to be shuttled from the parking lot. Kyle and Kase were pumped to get to ride on a bus... and we hadn't even made it to the event yet!

There was a petting zoo near the entrance that we hit up first.

Kyle still talks about how that duck splashed him!

The boys got Thomas the Train tattoo stickers, and we walked around until it was our turn to take a ride on Thomas.

"Choo Choo!"

Cari and Mase

The best we got of all four boys...

After our train ride we visited the gift shop, and walked away with two engineer caps.... thanks Grandpa!

The boys also slid down this Thomas slide MANY times and had lots of fun at the multiple train tables.

They had a great day and I'm so glad that we were able to take them. The Day Out With Thomas tour will be back in Texas in September. I think we will try and take them again.

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