Sunday, May 8, 2011

St. Patricks's Day Make Up

Anyone remember last St. Patrick's Day when I took the boys to story time at the library... with not a stitch of green on them?

Yeah, me either!

Well, I totally made up for it this year!

First I made some green cupcakes. I found the idea here. There is spinach hidden inside that makes them green! And the boys LOVE them. "More green cupcake!" I've made them several times since St. Patrick's Day. I started making them in the mini cupcake liners so they are the perfect size. And I love they they don't have icing... no mess! I made some personalized gift boxes, and we shared them with our neighbors.

Next, I made this counting game with magnets, milk jug lids, and a metal stove top burner cover.

And the most fun St. Patrick's Day activity... a scavenger hunt. Complete with a pot of gold at the end! Those are yellow mini M&Ms!

I made up these clues with prepositions, pictures and color words instead of the classic riddle clues. We aren't quite there yet!

I stayed up way too late setting this up, but I knew the boys would have fun!

When the boys woke up, I showed them the clue taped to their bedroom door. I read it to them and they knew exactly what to do. So into the kitchen we ran!

And then to the bathroom...

and the playroom...

the living room...

entry way...

and back to the playroom for their pots of gold! That little red vacuum really threw them for a loop a couple of clues earlier! My mistake!

Then I showed them the counting games.

And they got to open presents.

They got a Melissa and Doug tool puzzle and also a number maze.

I had gotten an email from the zoo promoting their "green" day on St. Patrick's Day. There was going to be a special conservation talk at the tiger exhibit at 10am. Kyle loves the tigers! They are the first and last animals we visit each trip. I tried my hardest to get us dressed and through the front gates before 10:00, but someone had other plans!

The boys were dressed, ready to go, and watching TV on the couch while I walked into the garage to load the stroller into the back of my car. I went to walk back inside to grab the boys and go, but the door was locked. I quickly learned that Kase can turn the dead bolt.

I tried to coax him, through the door, to turn the lock again in the other direction, but there was no getting through to him. And I was on time! Even early! It was going to be a miracle!

Kase started to freak out on the other side of the door because he could hear me, but not get to me. I walked around to the playroom window because it has a window seat and the boys are always standing up there, playing with the window locks. They were locked, along with every other window and door in our house. I knocked on the playroom window until Kyle came running in there. He was very excited about the game we were playing and even listened to my instructions to climb up on the window seat and unlock the window. Flip! First lock open. He pried the other one about half way, but lost interest after about 5 minutes.

Finally, I walked across the street with my tail between my legs, and asked our neighbor, Amy, if I could borrow her phone to free my children from our house. While Jason drove home from work, Amy tried to help me bribe Kyle with candy to unlock the window. Kyle was not interested. The candy did come in handy though... after Jason got home and let us in, we found a very distraught Kase. The candy was the only thing able to calm him down. I decided that he deserved the entire box after that ordeal.

I could have (should have) taken all of that as a sign that we should not have gone to the zoo and stayed home instead, but I didn't! And we even made it in time for the tail (pun intended) end of the tiger talk.

I think the tiger gods rewarded me for all my hard work that morning. I have never seen the tigers so active. The zoo keepers must have put something special in their breakfast!

The zoo was packed with tons of school groups, so we didn't stay all that long, but the boys had a great time.

This St. Patrick's Day was super fun. I love getting to do fun stuff like this. And I know the boys will probably not even remember the hard work I put into it, but maybe one day they will read this and know how lucky I am to have them!

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