Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Spring Break Staycation

The first couple of weeks of March were Spring Break for the schools around Waco. That means the zoo, children's museum, bounce place, library, parks, and any other place I would want to take the boys were super crowded with kids out of school. So we didn't leave the house much. Luckily, the weather was pretty nice outside and I was able to throw together some new activities for us to do inside.

I found some random magnetic strips that I had saved in the office and stuck them to the top of these lids that I had collected. The boys had fun moving them from one cookie sheet to another. And we also talked about what color each lid was, which ones were smaller, and which ones were bigger.

I also pulled out a package of pom poms that I picked up at the Target One Spot. I gave the boys two clothes pins and an empty egg carton. They picked up the pom poms with the clothes pins and placed them in the egg carton as we practices counting them. The clothes pins were a little difficult for them to use and kept falling apart (they were the cheap ones). I'm going to look for either some really big plastic tweezers or some small tongs for them to use.

And my last idea... I made several cards out of some scrapbook paper, pulled out some extra envelopes, and gave the boys some of those return address labels that you get in the mail. The boys put together some letters and then sent them out in their mailbox.

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