Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Love... And It Isn't Basketball

On a random Saturday in February, our neighbor, Jamie, called to see if we could use some extra Baylor basketball tickets that she had. Jason couldn't go, so Lala helped me take the boys to their first collegiate basketball game. The game was smack in the middle of nap time so we went with little expectations.

The boys did well the first few minutes of the game, but then Lara went for back up... popcorn!

Kase was a fan! A big fan! Kyle liked it too, but didn't get a chance to sample too much!

After the popcorn was gone, the boys were not all about the basketball. We ended up leaving not long after half time, but it was a fun, new experience. And that's what is important to me!

Thanks for the tickets, Jamie. And thanks for the help, Lala.

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