Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Little Change of Scenery

We have been blessed with such nice weather lately, and the boys have spent lots of time outside. We have a great, fenced in, back yard so the boys can play outside by themselves. There are several windows along the back of the house so I am able to keep a close eye on them and still get some things done inside.

For some reason (to make my life difficult), the boys would rather play in the front yard. It is not a big deal because we live on a cul-de-sac, with very little traffic, and there are side walks. But when they are playing in the front yard and I'm home alone with them, I can't run inside and leave them alone with the street just a few steps away. It just makes me too nervous. At some point they will be old enough, but not now.

So, I'm always trying to get them in the back yard, and they are always trying to roam free in the front yard. One Tuesday night, when Jason was out with friends and they boys were being super cranky, I announced that we were going to eat our dinner in the front yard. Cheers all around! So I pulled the picnic table around and brought out their plates and cups and they ate their dinner in the front yard. Except when I pulled out a camp chair to sit on while I watched them eat, they decided they needed their camp chairs as well. I obliged... wasn't worth an argument!

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