Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

One day after work, Jason was outside mowing the grass and I was inside trying to make dinner. TRYING... the boys were being super needy and whiny.

I read online about this little activity. You put several ice cubes in a big bowl and give the kids slotted spoons and smaller bowls to transfer the ice to. I was sure it would make a huge mess (and it did), but I was desperate for something to keep the boys attention... even if only for5 minutes.

I think they played with the ice for at least 20 minutes. And there was minimal fighting. They did get their clothes kinda wet, and the floor was soaked, but that was an easy clean up. Easy enough that I'd do this again sometime.

Kase gets such a determined look on his face when he does stuff like this. Cracks me up!

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