Friday, April 22, 2011

Cousins In Kansas

Usually things slow down after Christmas, but not for the Coats Family. The Thursday after the boys' party we left for Kansas. We had a brand new family member that we could not wait to meet. The drive to Jason's brother, Ben's, house was supposed to take around 8 hours. Somehow we managed to stretch it out to over 10. We were so happy to pull up to the other Coats house!

It was past the boys' bedtime when we got there, so we planned to put on pajamas and put the boys to bed. The boys were not so into that plan once they saw all of Madie's toys. They had to give everything a try before they agreed to go to bed.

The next two days were filled with lots of laid back fun. We didn't have an agenda and just let the boys and Madison play the days away.

We had nice weather while we were there so Ben and Jason set up this bounce house for all the kids to play in. They loved it.

Madison's cousin, Dasan, was staying with them while both his parents were serving in the military overseas. Kase got quite the kick out of Dasan's trombone practice.

We brought the iPad to entertain the boys while driving, but Madie became quite the fan as well. The boys introduced her to Olivia and Blues Clues!

Rub a dub dub! Three cousins in the tub! My Mom has a picture just like this of my sister and I in the tub with my cousin. If I were mean, I'd post it! But, I'm scared of the pay back Chad would come up with!

Kase made himself at home and helped himself to any snacks that looked good!

"Soft touches" I think we said that a million times. The boys loved baby Ashley.

All the boys!

I'm so glad we had nice weather to play outside with Madison in.

She even shared her pink swing!

The last night we were there, we headed down to the basement after dinner to have one last Christmas present exchange. I was holding Ashley as she slept, and Kase came in for a little snuggle as well.

Madie was about to bust with excitement at the thought of more presents to open!

The boys got a toy vacuum and broom from Madison. I think she got tired of them playing with her vacuum the entire visit!

We had a great visit. I'm glad the boys got to play with Madison and we all loved getting to meet baby Ashley. Jason and I enjoyed staying up (way too) late and talking with Ben and Wendy. We can't wait to see them again this summer.

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