Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Parties and Big Boy Beds

I've made it to January 22... Watch out, I'm on a roll!!

We had big plans the weekend after our Kansas trip as well.

The boys had shared a twin bed, while in Kansas, so Jason and I decided to ditch the toddler beds and transition to a full size bed. So, Saturday morning the four of us headed to Sam's to buys a mattress set for the boys. The trip was actually quite the disaster... I'm not sure why we thought taking the boys along was a good idea. But, we managed to leave with a new mattress and many more items that we may or may not have needed!

We drove home, dropped the mattress off, and then headed back north to travel to Mesquite for Avery's 3rd birthday party. There were rumors that Elmo would be there! I had been talking it up to the boys (using it as bribe material) for a week! I was just as happy as the boys when Elmo arrived!

Elmo sat by the birthday girl as we sang Happy Birthday... and there was Kase, sitting right by Elmo! He loved Elmo and gave him hug after hug.

Elmo sat down to take pictures with all the guests. Kase brought Elmo a bus! And then a car. And then some blocks. He LOVED Elmo!

Kase could have sat and chilled there all day! Kyle was on to the next thing.

Kase and Abby were talking on their cells.

We headed back home after the party. While we were gone, Gibi and Grandpa had been hard at work. My Mom searched all of Waco for the bed rails we needed to turn one of the cribs into a full size bed. And then my Dad set up the new bed.

Kase, the monkey, had a field day climbing over the new mattress.

He was horizontal at one point!

Kyle was busy helping Grandpa with his cool tools. I'm pretty sure this is when the tool obsession began. Now he is always fixing something with his "cool tools."

Nap time and bed time can still be a struggle, but seeing the boys snuggled up to each other is the cutest thing ever!

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