Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party Time

My parents brought the boys to the party, all dressed and ready to go. There was no way I would have been able to deal with getting them ready... I was so behind. **Note... these were not the shirts I planned for the boys to wear. I ordered (in plenty of time) cute shirts with their names and a dump truck in the same colors as the party, but they were lost in the US Postal Service for several days and arrived the Monday after the party. Oh well, the boys still love to wear their "dump truck shirts!"

The boys got their hats and tool belts and got to walk around and see all the activity stations before any of the guests arrived.

And of course they had to knock down the big tower that Uncle RyRy built for them.

Kase did not understand the concept of using his toys as decoration...

As friends arrived, I handed out their hard hat and tool belt and told them to go wild. There was no agenda or plans, just free play.

Oh, how I wish I would have bought 15 of these cardboard houses. The kids LOVED it!

Rachel was getting built into a tower.

Luckily, the heroic Kyle came to free her and destroy the tower... again!

The kids loved this activity too. I should drag all of this stuff back out and let Kyle and Kase hammer away the day.

A shot of the entire room... total chaos! It was great!

I think Trigger was the only kid to "get" my rock quarry!

Our great neighbors!

Rock got his own personal hardhat.... what a mistake. I can't count the number of ADULTS who came up to me asking for their own special hard hat. Like I didn't have anything else to do!

A close up of the cake... with the candle that Jamie had to grab for me at the last minute. Really? I forgot the candle?

See, I told you all the kids loved the cardboard house!

I think everyone had a good time at the party. I had lots of fun planning it, but I'm glad I only ever have to plan one a year! Happy 2nd birthday, Kyle and Kase!


JHP said...

This "kid" had the best time, too! :)

Kayla Carruth said...

that cake was super cool, did you make it?!?!?

sugar4584 said...

Where did you buy the cardboard houses?

Sara Coats said...

The cardboard house was from Discovery Kids. I think I randomly found it at Kohl's.