Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Beds

After Kase kept crawling out of his crib (even with the mattress sitting on the floor, inside the crib) we decided that we had to change his crib to a toddler bed. He had always been able to lower himself down safely, but the day was coming when he was going to fall on his head. Plus he kept crawling out of his crib and into Kyle's and waking Kyle up.

At first, we only had Kase's crib turned into a bed. Obviously that didn't solve the problem of Kase getting into Kyle's bed.

So then, we changed Kyle's bed also. The first week with toddler beds was awful. There was nothing we could bribe or threaten with that would keep them in their beds. Naps were non existent. It was light in their room during naps, so there was just too much to mess with. And I'm not even talking about toys (there are none in their bedroom), but books to spread out, pillows to throw around the room, dresser drawers to empty, blinds to play with, and a glider and ottoman to climb all over.

Sometimes bedtime was ok... usually because they didn't get a nap and were so tired. Those were fun days to come home from work!

And Kyle was always wanting to sleep in Kase's bed. He knew it was Kase's. I'd put him down in his bed and he would say, "No, Dase bed." So for a few nights they would sleep in the same toddler bed. And whoever was on the outside would usually end up falling out.

I missed the cribs so much. And I missed their 7PM bedtime. And being able to hire a sitter to be at the house while they slept so that we could go out.

There is that white blanket that I talked about in the last post...

But, would you look at that face... He thinks he is pretty hot stuff, being able to walk right out of their bedroom after I've put him to bed for the 100th time.

I can remember asking my Mom... "It has to get better, right?" And it did... eventually. But, I still miss the cribs!

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