Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Presents!

Another knock at the door produced more presents for the boys to open. I hope they don't get used to this.

Each Christmas my Aunt Cindy organizes the Great Wardenburg Name Exchange! (**Note** My Aunt Cindy is so on top of things... she even sends out real birthday cards! Who can remember to do that!? My sisters and I have always had an Aunt Cindy competition... who could be the most Aunt Cindy like. I think we all fail!) Anyway, there is a big family reunion in Nebraska, usually the Saturday after Christmas, when everyone eats delicious food and exchanges their gifts. We don't usually make it to Nebraska at Christmas time, so our gifts get mailed. My cousin's daughter, Jenna, had Kyle's name, and again I couldn't make the boys wait to open the gift she sent.

Thomas The Train bath boys. We had such nice weather in December that these actually became outside play toys first. They now live in the bath tub and we practice remembering each train's name (always printed on the bottom.... love that!), the color of each train, and counting the trains... just about EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

A Tag Jr. book about Thomas and Percy being best friends. (**Another Note** Just the other night Kyle and Kase started putting their arms around each other and saying "best friends." I think they got that from this book.)

And a Thomas that talks and whistles when you push his funnel. Kase took that one over as his toy even though it was all technically Kyle's. One of the many phrases the toy says is "Hello, I'm Thomas." Kase would mimic Thomas and then I taught him to say "Hello, I'm Kase!" All in his incredibly cute Kase voice... I die!

I know it is March now, and I'm still not done with Christmas... thanks for sticking with me!

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