Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doctor Visit

The boys had their 24 month check up on January 7th. I always forget to post the boys' stats from their check ups. So... I'm doing it all now. Just for reference!

15 Month Check Up:
Kase: 33 inches 90-95th percentile
24.6 pounds 25-50th percentile
Kyle: 34 inches >95th percentile
26.6 pounds 50-75th percentile

18 Month Check Up:

Kase: 34.25 inches 90- 95th percentile
27 pounds 50-75th percentile
Kyle: 34.25 inches 90-95th percentile
28.7 pounds 75-90th percentile

24 Month Check Up:

Kase: 36.75 inches 95th percentile
29.6 pounds 50-75th percentile
Kyle: 37.25 inches >95th percentile
30.4 pounds 75-90th percentile

So, yeah.... They are tall. Big surprise!

And because no post is complete with out a picture...

Why do I even try?!

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