Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cool Tent

Years ago, my Grandma Breyer made my sisters and I each blankets. Mine is white with flowers all over it. It is a nice blanket for watching TV on the couch because it keeps you warm, but still stays cool to the touch. Know what I'm talking about?

Well, the boys, especially Kyle, grew very fond of it as well. Kyle will whine for "white blanket" all the time. He even wanted me to cover him up with it in his crib. The blanket is huge, so I had to drape most of it over the side of his crib so that he would not get too hot.

One day, while playing in his crib, not sleeping, I draped the entire blanket over the sides and declared that it was a "cool tent." Both boys loved this, and we played "cool tent" in one of their cribs or on the couch all the time.

After being stuck inside for most of the weekend, I decided that we would all bundle up and play "cool tent" outside... with a REAL tent!

**Note** We did not get a dog! That is our neighbor's dog, Pearl. They were out of town and we were giving her some attention while they were gone. The boys LOVE Pearl!

The tent was a huge hit and the boys played in it until it got too cold outside. It stayed up in the back yard for a couple of weeks, and I found all kinds of toys inside once it was time to take it down.

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