Friday, March 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

Jason and I were very excited to get the boys up Christmas morning. It was so fun watching the boys tear through all of their gifts. I didn't distinguish between Mom and Dad presents and Santa presents so we just had one big present fest.

We started with stockings.

I know I was crazy, putting recorders in their stockings, but I knew they would love them. And they do!

The Dora bubbles were a huge hit.

The best feature of our couch has got to be the built in race track! I'd buy it again for as much use as it has gotten!

Then the real presents! It was hard to get the boys to keep opening gifts. They would open one and want to play with it right away.

The boys got several Melissa and Doug puzzles, Tag Jr. readers and storage cases, several Tag Jr. books, a basketball goal for the bath tub, Leap Frog text messagers, sidewalk chalk, more Color Wonder books and markers, and Texas A&M jerseys.

Jason surprised me with an Ipad. I didn't even know I wanted one, but I love it! I'm sure I've used it everyday since I got it.

I didn't get him anything quite as cool. He got a pop up trash can for tailgating, a couple shirts, a new belt, golf balls, and a vintage Sports Illustrated with some old Texas A&M player on the front.

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