Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had plans for a relaxing Christmas Eve Day. Kase had other plans. While I was in the shower and Jason was (still) getting up, Kase broke into the fence that we put up around the Christmas tree, presents, and electrical component stand.

Kase got in plenty of practice opening presents. He tore through the wrapping of about 20 presents under the tree. I posted a picture of the destruction on Facebook and my (awesome) neighbor, Jamie, came over and re-wrapped all the gifts while I tried to get our house clean.

We met my parents, Megan and Ryan, and Jenny at church for the candle light service. After church everyone came over to our house and ate Chicken Spaghetti, that my Mom brought over. After we ate, we put the boys to bed. It was way past their bedtime.

Then, the adults were able to exchange gifts with out two noisy toddlers wanting attention. And I don't have a single picture from the night.

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