Sunday, March 6, 2011

And One Last Christmas

Sometime after lunch on Christmas day, we drove over to my parent's house. There were even more presents for the boys and even more food to eat.

My parents got the boys a train table, which they love. My Dad put the table together and set up the track exactly like the picture on the box showed.

Jenny got the boys Strider bikes. They are little bikes that have no training wheels and no pedals. The boys can walk their feet along the ground to move forward. The bikes are supposed to teach balance so that the rider can learn to ride a regular bike more easily. The boys knew immediately which bike was theirs... blue for Kyle, green for Kase. I thought it was funny that they had picked up on my color coding!

Megan and Ryan got the boys a big AquaDoodle mat. It is awesome! You can color on it using a pen filled with water. It is pretty much impossible to make a mess!

When purchasing himself a new Gator, Grandpa decided that the boys needed to have a mini version of their own. So he bought them one. They were beyond excited to see what awaited them behind the garage door.

Kyle was just fine, sitting on Grandpa's lawn mower (tractor).

But, Kase was intrigued!

He would drive it a few feet and then stop, get out, and walk around it. It was like he couldn't believe it was real. We were getting a kick out of watching him!

Since then, Grandpa has purchased another mini gator. A co-worker let him know about a deal at Academy, and he couldn't resist. I'm sure he knew that fighting over just one gator was inevitable.

And now at the slightest mention of Gibi or Papa's house, the boys immediately ask to "ride tractor?"

What a GREAT Christmas!

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