Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Hi Wok"

James "Jimmy the Rock" Nelson... known to Kyle and Kase as Wok.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party Time

My parents brought the boys to the party, all dressed and ready to go. There was no way I would have been able to deal with getting them ready... I was so behind. **Note... these were not the shirts I planned for the boys to wear. I ordered (in plenty of time) cute shirts with their names and a dump truck in the same colors as the party, but they were lost in the US Postal Service for several days and arrived the Monday after the party. Oh well, the boys still love to wear their "dump truck shirts!"

The boys got their hats and tool belts and got to walk around and see all the activity stations before any of the guests arrived.

And of course they had to knock down the big tower that Uncle RyRy built for them.

Kase did not understand the concept of using his toys as decoration...

As friends arrived, I handed out their hard hat and tool belt and told them to go wild. There was no agenda or plans, just free play.

Oh, how I wish I would have bought 15 of these cardboard houses. The kids LOVED it!

Rachel was getting built into a tower.

Luckily, the heroic Kyle came to free her and destroy the tower... again!

The kids loved this activity too. I should drag all of this stuff back out and let Kyle and Kase hammer away the day.

A shot of the entire room... total chaos! It was great!

I think Trigger was the only kid to "get" my rock quarry!

Our great neighbors!

Rock got his own personal hardhat.... what a mistake. I can't count the number of ADULTS who came up to me asking for their own special hard hat. Like I didn't have anything else to do!

A close up of the cake... with the candle that Jamie had to grab for me at the last minute. Really? I forgot the candle?

See, I told you all the kids loved the cardboard house!

I think everyone had a good time at the party. I had lots of fun planning it, but I'm glad I only ever have to plan one a year! Happy 2nd birthday, Kyle and Kase!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Coats Construction - The Set Up

I'm aware that I went a little overboard, but I love how everything turned out and everyone had so much fun. The theme was construction... trucks, tools, building stuff. The colors were orange, yellow, and black.

I found tons of cute ideas to go along with the construction theme, and I had lots of people helping me make those ideas come to life. Jamie and I stayed up way too late, way too many nights. And we even had Jason and Marc snipping threads one night after the boys were in bed.

Jason and I went to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl and came back the morning of the party. I enlisted the help of Jenny, Rock, Lara, Megan and Ryan to get everything set up. There is no way I would have gotten it together with out their help.

Everyone got a custom made (by Jamie) tool belt... filled with tools (crayons).

And a personalized hard hat.

The food table...

Lara made the cake... it was amazing! Jenny made the "boulders"... those yummy oreo truffle things!

We had "wrecking balls" (clementines), "support beams" (pretzel rods), along with cheese balls, candy corn, lemon heads, carrot sticks and any other random food that matched my color scheme.

The company water bottles.

I wanted the party to be a fun free for all, so I set up different activity stations and the kids could go around and play whereever they wanted.

Wood and nails... styrofoam blocks and golf tees.

Coloring pages and construction puzzles.

Moving rocks with dump trucks. Jenny was in charge of drawing the road... she took it a little far and drew an entire town. She was quite proud of her work!

Building a house... coloring with their tools (crayons).

And brick construction. Ryan's mom still has these awesome blocks from when he was a kid. The boys played with them once when we were over for dinner, and they loved them. She was nice enough to let us borrow them for the party.

And a little parting gift after all of that hard work. There was a package of tool shaped gummy snacks, a construction activity book, a tool squirt toy, and other stuff that I can't remember!

Now, we just need the kids!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doctor Visit

The boys had their 24 month check up on January 7th. I always forget to post the boys' stats from their check ups. So... I'm doing it all now. Just for reference!

15 Month Check Up:
Kase: 33 inches 90-95th percentile
24.6 pounds 25-50th percentile
Kyle: 34 inches >95th percentile
26.6 pounds 50-75th percentile

18 Month Check Up:

Kase: 34.25 inches 90- 95th percentile
27 pounds 50-75th percentile
Kyle: 34.25 inches 90-95th percentile
28.7 pounds 75-90th percentile

24 Month Check Up:

Kase: 36.75 inches 95th percentile
29.6 pounds 50-75th percentile
Kyle: 37.25 inches >95th percentile
30.4 pounds 75-90th percentile

So, yeah.... They are tall. Big surprise!

And because no post is complete with out a picture...

Why do I even try?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Beds

After Kase kept crawling out of his crib (even with the mattress sitting on the floor, inside the crib) we decided that we had to change his crib to a toddler bed. He had always been able to lower himself down safely, but the day was coming when he was going to fall on his head. Plus he kept crawling out of his crib and into Kyle's and waking Kyle up.

At first, we only had Kase's crib turned into a bed. Obviously that didn't solve the problem of Kase getting into Kyle's bed.

So then, we changed Kyle's bed also. The first week with toddler beds was awful. There was nothing we could bribe or threaten with that would keep them in their beds. Naps were non existent. It was light in their room during naps, so there was just too much to mess with. And I'm not even talking about toys (there are none in their bedroom), but books to spread out, pillows to throw around the room, dresser drawers to empty, blinds to play with, and a glider and ottoman to climb all over.

Sometimes bedtime was ok... usually because they didn't get a nap and were so tired. Those were fun days to come home from work!

And Kyle was always wanting to sleep in Kase's bed. He knew it was Kase's. I'd put him down in his bed and he would say, "No, Dase bed." So for a few nights they would sleep in the same toddler bed. And whoever was on the outside would usually end up falling out.

I missed the cribs so much. And I missed their 7PM bedtime. And being able to hire a sitter to be at the house while they slept so that we could go out.

There is that white blanket that I talked about in the last post...

But, would you look at that face... He thinks he is pretty hot stuff, being able to walk right out of their bedroom after I've put him to bed for the 100th time.

I can remember asking my Mom... "It has to get better, right?" And it did... eventually. But, I still miss the cribs!