Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Quick Trip To Austin

Our awesome photographer, Rachel Parkhurst (http://www.parkhurststudios.com/), was able to squeeze a family photo shoot in a couple weeks before Christmas. We met Rachel one Saturday morning at a park in Round Rock. She got some great photos of us, and I was able to use one for out Christmas (well New Year's) card. I'll post some of the best ones in another post.

We decided to make our trip South into a day of fun. We planed on getting the boys a play scape/swing set thing for their birthday. I found this great company who had a dealer in Austin so we stopped by to see what they had. We let the boys play on some of the models. They loved them all, and I know they will love having their very own "park" in their back yard.

We were not really sure what to do about nap time. We ended up just driving around until the boys fell asleep in their car seats. Jason ran into a sandwich shop, and we ate lunch in the car in the parking lot while the boys finished sleeping.

They got a decent nap in so we decided to take our chances and go to the Austin Children's Museum again. We spent a lot of time in the Mexican Heritage exhibit this time. I think because it was empty and the boys could have their run of the place. The drums and hats may have had something to do with it too.

And we couldn't leave with out visiting the huge train table. The boys loved it... again!

We had a nice day out of town as a family, and I'm glad we were able to fit it in among the craziness that is Christmas!

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