Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And The Presents Begin

This may sound odd, but we have a really great UPS man! Larry has delivered to us at work for years, and now that we live in Lorena, he delivers to us at home too.

Anytime the doorbell rings the boys will run to the door to see who it is. They always like seeing Larry and his "big brown delivery truck." **Note** A delivery truck is one of the many trucks in one of our many truck books so the boys always love seeing one in person. And I always add descriptive adjectives to just about anything that we talk about so that the boys will learn more words. And it works! They are AWESOME at colors!

Anyway, Larry delivered the first of many Christmas presents on this morning in early December. And I wasn't about to try and keep them from being opened. So the slew of presents begins.

"Tractor!" and "A man!"

Every tractor everywhere is always "Papa's tractor."

And if Kase comes upon a toy tractor or truck without a driver the following conversation will al.ways. ensue.

Kase: "Oh no, the man!" (said will great worry)
Me: "Oh, where did the man go?"
Kase: "I don't know."
Me: "Go look in the playroom. There are lots of men in there."

And off he goes to look for a man. About half the time he gets distracted by something else along the way.

"Thanks for the tractors, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Bruce!"

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