Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Late Night Workout

Getting the boys' teeth brushed each night is equivalent to running an 8 minute mile.

After baths, and diapers (and tape for Kase), and milk, and pajamas, and a few books we head back into the bathroom so the boys can brush their teeth. They are always happy to do so... their toothbrushes and toothpaste have Thomas the train on them!

I'm usually out of breath from repeating myself so many times.

"Who gets the red toothbrush?"

"Who gets the blue toothbrush?"

"Yes, that is a red choo."

"No, you have enough paste."

"Yep, green choo."

"Eeeeeee, brush the front teeth"

"Boys, we brush our teeth in the bathroom"

"Kyle, don't touch the toilet paper."

"Kase, back in the bathroom."

"No more paste."

"Ahhhhh, get the ones in the back."

"Hey, back in the bathroom."

"Yeah, blue choo."

"Yuck, don't touch the toilet."

"Are you brushing?"

"Ok, all done? Toothbrushes back in the cup."

"Kyle, don't flush the toilet."

"Ok, back to your room."

By the time we get them to bed, I'm exhausted. And its only 7:00.

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