Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kyle's Baby

Kyle has a baby that we use as a device to get him happily into bed. The baby stays in Kyle's bed for the most part, and around bed time and nap time we ask him where the baby is. He is happy to get into bed so that he can lay the baby in the exact same spot and cover him up with his lovey.

Its funny... he loves to chew on one of the corners of his lovey, but he is careful to not pull the lovey off the baby. And sometimes he will even chew on the corner of his pillow or blanket instead so that baby can use the lovey. I think it is such a selfless and loving thing to do.

Kyle may be ridiculous with his demands at times, but he has such a loving heart. I turn to a pile of mush when Kyle looks up at me, touches my cheek, and sweetly says "Mom." And I about squeezed his head off when I walked out of our bedroom, dresses and ready to go church, and Kyle said "Momma pretty." Yeah, there may have been some training there!

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