Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decking The Halls

I've been a member of the Junior League of Waco for about five years now, and this year I served as Vice Chair of Treasury for our Deck The Halls holiday gift market. In other words, I lived at the Waco Convention Center for four days straight.

I have been excited for the boys to participate in the Children's events since before they were born. Because I was busy with my Treasury duties and Jason went to College Station for a football game, my parents stepped in to chauffeur the boys to the events of the day.

First there was the Breakfast with Santa. There was Chick Fil A there, so it was pretty much awesome for the boys! I got to sneak away for a few minutes and check out how things were going.

Chick Chick...good! Milk...good!

The theme of the event was Pajama Time on the Polar Express, so all the kids wore their pajamas and rang their jingle bells to get Santa to appear.

Santa made his way around all of the tables, and we got to snag a picture with him. I'm hoping if we take enough pictures with Santa this holiday season, at least one will turn out. This wasn't it!

After breakfast and story time, my parents took the boys home to take a nap, and then brought them back to the convention center for the gingerbread event. I got to sneak away again, but by the time I got there the boys were done with decorating and had moved on to running around the huge room. There were lots of photo ops set up, but I didn't catch anything Christmas card worthy. Plus Kase had taken over my name badge and was wearing it around his neck.

The boys were fascinated by a fellow Leaguer's baby. They got right down by her, and she would just giggle and laugh at them. They loved it.

"Kyle, what's on your shirt?"

At one point, I looked back at our table and saw my Dad working on the gingerbread trains that the boys had abandoned!

When it was time to go, we all looked down at the BEAUTIFUL trains that the boys had made, but decided it would be too difficult to try and get them back to the car with the boys in tow. So I took some pictures so that I could always remember them.

Thank you to Jason and my parents for stepping in while I was gone for four days. It really means a lot to me to be able to support the women and children in our community.


Spelling Nazi aka Lala said...

FYI: "coiffure" is a style of hair. I'm thinking you meant "chauffeur." :)

Happy Spelling Nazi! said...

Thank you for correcting your work. If only I could get my students to do it!