Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lovin' This Weather

Here in Texas, we don't get much of a Spring... Summer usually hits us in full force, but this year we have had such a nice Fall. It finally started to cool down a bit in September, and October was so pleasant. And that meant lots of outside play time for the boys.

They are old enough that I can send them outside by themselves for a while. I may have to break up a fight over one of the cars (even though we have two of everything) or give out some hugs and kisses after someone takes a spill, but its always nice to get a few minutes of quiet.

One Sunday afternoon in October, I set the boys up to color outside on their picnic table. Kyle colored and Kase drove his truck all over the back yard. The road trip started on the table so that he could bug his brother.

Kyle was pretty serious about his coloring... no truck was going to slow him down!

The truck took an off road trip under the table...

... and then through one of the flower(less) beds.

Man, I love these guys! When I can manage to keep everyone happy, days like this are just so fun!

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