Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Fair Is Coming To Town

We took the boys to the parade on October 5th to celebrate the Heart of Texas Fair coming to Waco. I told them all about the horses, and bands, and trucks, and cars that they would see at the parade for several days, and they seemed intrigued by it all.

Jason and I opted to skip the stroller, so after parking in the lot for Jenny's building downtown we made our way to the street... Kase in my arms, Kyle in Jason's. I'm not sure the boys really knew what to think. They both had these stoic looks on their faces. They watched everything and were happy to stay in our arms, but they were not all that excited about it...

That is until Aunt Jenny (Min me) made it down.

Kase started waving away to everything that passed in front of him.

And Kyle perked up too. They even managed to snag a few pieces of candy for their dear ole' parents!

I love that the boys are getting old enough to do fun things like this! And I love that there is so much more fun to come!

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