Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cookies and Kyle

After googling "twin costumes" with Lara one night on our couch, it was decided that the boys would be milk and cookies for Halloween. And when the question of who would be what was asked, we all laughed at the silly question. Of course Kyle would be milk... he drinks like a gallon a day. And Kase is often referred to as the Carb King. And his favorite carbs are the sweet ones.

Kase: unrecognizable toddler talk
Me: "what?"
Kase: more toddler talk
Me: "what?"
Kase: "cootee"
Me: "Oh, you want a cookie?"
Kase: "oh tay!"

My crafty sister, Jenny, whipped up a cookie costume after I sent her some links to some other home made cookies and also the link to the Pottery Barn Cookie costume that they were selling... for $49.99... on sale! No thank you!

Jenny was over for dinner one night when we were finishing up Kyle's milk costume. Luckily, my even craftier neighbor, Jamie was also over. She watched us stumble over a plan to make the milk and then lead us all over to her house so that she could sew up her masterpiece. In like 15 seconds. We also crafted a straw out of a wrapping paper tube and some grosgrain ribbon.

When Halloween arrived, Kase was all about his cookie. And seriously, can he be any cuter? I could eat him up.

Kase was also all about Kyle's straw.

But, so was Kyle. And that was all he was about. He would NOT put on that milk costume.

"Straw!!!" He knew exactly what it was even though it was ginormous!

No amount of coaxing was getting Kyle in that costume. So what can you do but go to a party as Cookies and Kyle.

Our friends, the Sykora's, have an awesome Halloween party each year. There were tons of kids running around everywhere. But, Kyle and Kase had something else on their agendas besides kids in costumes, candy, and games.

They had spotted the tractor! Jason and I spent the 45 minutes that we were at the party chasing the boys from one tractor (an actual tractor that was going to pull the hay ride later in the night) to another tractor (a golf cart like vehicle that was easy to climb up on). Their friend, Parker, also liked to play on the tractor and he even let Kyle wear his hat. Kyle loved that!

The boys got pretty crabby when we tried to get them from the tractor after 45 minutes, and Jason and I were tired of standing off to the side making sure they didn't fall off the tractors... or break them, or drive them, or lose the keys... So we headed home before the City closed the entrance into our subdivision.

Apparently our neighborhood is the Halloween hotspot in Lorena. People park at the bank and are able to safely walk from house to house to do their trick or treating. Neighbors decorate and set up haunted houses in their backyards. It was really neat to see, and I can't wait until the boys are bigger and really able to join in the fun. We just made it to two houses and headed back for baths and bed. And Kyle still wouldn't wear his costume.

Once back at home, we flipped on our porch light, and Jason handed out pencils (they were a hit!) and candy while I gave the boys a bath. The boys got quite a haul for only visiting two houses, so for their hard work I let them have a sucker... in the bath tub!

They had to brush their teeth extra long to get all of that blue off their mouths!

It was a fun Halloween, but I know we have even more fun in our future. And I can't wait!

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