Monday, November 1, 2010

Aggie Game Day

The shoe obsession... only one of about 20 obsessions right now! If you want to put shoes on in front of the boys, you better do it fast. And forget about socks. You will never get both socks and shoes on before one of them gets to you and jacks a shoe or sock. Both boys love to point out shoes and state who's shoe it is. "Mom, Mom's shoe. Dad, Dad's boot."

A ball and a shoe... Kyle's version of paradise!

"Hmmm, now let me think... where did I leave my pants?!"

Ah, sweet brothers!

The Aggie's first conference game of the season was at Oklahoma State on a Thursday night. My Dad helped us get the TV installed on the back porch just in time for it. We invited some Aggie friends over to watch the game and they showed up during bath time so the boys had to meet and great everyone in their pajamas!

Kyle and Jackson playing a little catch. I hear Jackson has quite the arm!

Maddie's turn to play a little ball.

We had a good time with our friends who came over to cheer on the Ags... even though they lost. And thanks to the Pitts kids for wearing out the boys before bedtime.

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