Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Truck, Big, Big Truck"

The same builder that built our house has started another project on the lot next door to us. When we got back from our run on the day that the foundation was poured, I let the boys sit outside a while and watch truck after truck pull up on our street and dump concrete into the forms for the foundation. They love it!

Our good friend, Corey, works for the concrete company and stopped by to check on things and to pay us a visit.

Kyle was all about getting to see the big truck up close, but was kinda freaked out when the driver pulled on the horn. Thanks for the backstage pass, Corey!

Good neighbors needed! Next door neighbors can make it or break it. And we want good ones! We are going for two out of two here! If you know someone looking for new construction in Lorena ISD send them our way... unless they don't like kids, drive loud trucks, or don't cut their grass!

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