Friday, October 15, 2010

The New Obsession...

My sister, Jenny, (who the boys call MinMee) gave the boys this Melissa and Doug Train for Christmas last year. They hadn't really played with it much until about two months ago. Kyle plays with it all the time now and sometimes it is even his 'toy to take to bed' choice. He calls it a choo choo.

He even lines the cars and trucks up on the back of the Pottery Barn chairs to make a train.

Kase is more into just playing cars. He makes 'vroom' noises as the cars drive all over the house.

Love that bedhead!

I love this face! He makes it all the time. He kind of looks down and makes his eyes big as he looks up.

So needless to say, a train set is now on the boys' Christmas list!

"Choo Choo!" You can make out what his little lips are saying.

Are these the cutest kids ever, or what?! I mean, really!

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