Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family, Food, and Fun

The first morning we were in Nebraska, my grandma made pancakes for everyone. Kyle and Kase ate up!

They also got to see their second cousins again. Devin and Logan were so excited to see Kase and Kyle. Kase and Kyle were all they could talk about for days before we got there. We all laughed when we noticed that Devin would call each of the boys "Kase and Kyle" like that was both of their names.

Devin got to eat pancakes that morning too!

I have so many memories from when I was young of my Grandpa sitting in his chair and yelling at my cousins and I to "stop bangin' on that piano." So we made sure to tell the boys to play loud enough so that he could hear them playing in heaven!

Logan is such a sweet, sweet little boy. He played so well with the boys while we were there.

And his little brother, Devin, well....

...well, he is pretty sweet too! Devin and Logan got to spend time with us while we were there instead of going to the babysitter.

Kase enjoyed snacking on the dozens of cookies that my Grandma and Aunts had made. Well, we all did!

I turned 30 years old on the Saturday that we were in Nebraska. Jason, Jenny, and several cousins helped me celebrate it while floating down a nearby river. We had such a good time together.

The next day, Sunday, we had a big meal and everyone drove in to spend time together. There were so many people, but even more food!

My cousin Tom's son, Owen.

My cousin, Seth, giving a big hug to Logan.

More piano playing, with my Cousin Shannon's oldest daughter, Jenna.

Logan liked Kyle and Kase's duck bath towel!

The great grandkids... Jared, Olivia, Devin, Logan, Jenna, Grant, Kase, Owen, Pipper, and Kyle. Missing Nevaeh and Brenden

Some of the cousins... back row: Tanya, Shelby, Ashley, Leanna, Jessica, Tom, Me, Jenny; front row: Jeremy, Shannon, Seth, Amy, and Jewell. Missing Chad, Megan, Trisha, Cassie, Laura, Kelly, Tabitha, and Brandon. Yeah, there are TONS of us!

Tom and Pippy Lou!

Piper and her Grandpa.

Shelby and Jenny

Kyle telling the baby goodbye.

Tom and Owen

Kyle giving hugs...

that turned into wrestling...

The city park is just a few blocks up the hill from my Grandma's house. We used to spend hours at this park when we were little. The playground equipment has greatly improved!

Kase pulled the popper toy up to the park and then pulled it all around the tennis court. Seth was happy to follow him around to keep an eye on him.

I about fell over while I watched Kase climb up this thing to get to the slide. The kid is such a monkey.

I brought along some of Kyle and Kase's favorite foods and snacks. Devin and Logan really liked the peanut butter cereal so someone picked up another box for them while they were in town.

Logan gave Kyle and Kase hugs before he and Devin left to go home.

Devin, Kyle, Logan, Kase, and Nevaeh

Kyle and Kase getting in a little more piano playing

We tried to get some picture the morning we left, but the boys were not interested in sitting still. Little did they know that they were about to sit for another 12 hour car ride home!

Thank you to everyone who helped host us again this year. We had such a great time I am so grateful that the boys got to spend time getting to know all of our family. See ya next year!

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