Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Favorite Tri-Athletes

On July 25 Jenny, Megan and Ryan competed in the second annual TriWaco triathlon. Jenny and Megan participated in the sprint... 400 meter swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K run. Ryan did the Olympic version... 1500 meter swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 10K run. And we just watched! Jason and I took the boys so that we could all cheer on Megan, Jenny, and Ryan.

We got there too late and missed Jenny and Megan's swim (they were just too fast!), but we got to see Ryan finish his swim. And I'm sure we saw him, we just didn't know which skinny guy in the yellow swim cap was actually him. But I took pictures of them all!

We did see Megan and Jenny come in from their bike and transition to their run. Megan was all business and never made eye contact with any of us cheering for her.

Jenny was happy to see us and gave us a big smile. She even looked over to Lara, as she was putting her bike up, and mouthed "This is hard!"

Uncle Ryan getting on his bike after the swim.

It was so sweet to see that Megan and Jenny stayed together. We watched them from the bridge and Jenny smiled and waved at us. Megan then slapped her on the arm and told her to stop waving and run!

Almost done!

Kyle and Kase were so proud of their Aunts and Uncle.

So now we had to entertain the boys while Ryan finished up. Sunglasses helped. And Kyle picked flowers off a plant for a good ten minutes.

We finally spotted Ryan after his long run. This was his first triathlon and he beat his goal. He finished 13th in his age group. He and Megan are planning to do another Triathlon in Austin.

The event in Waco was maxed out at over 800 people. The participants really like the course and organizers expect it to grow to be the largest tri event in Texas. I love when Waco is good at something!

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