Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Tuesday Night

Jason still enjoys his beer and pizza night with his friends at Pappa Rollo's each Tuesday night. But, because we don't live in Waco anymore we are a good 15 minutes from Chick-fil-A now (sniff, sniff, tear!).

My Mom still stays late on most Tuesdays and my Dad comes over after work as well. Lorena may not have a Chick-fil-A, but they do have a pretty awesome pizza place. I call in a pizza to the Lorena Pizza House and pick it up on my home.

The boys are not great eaters, but they will almost always eat pizza. And I can even slip in some black olives and bell peppers sometimes!

*Side note* These two love their Grandpa! I think they have figured out that he will do anything they want! They point to any white truck that we pass and say his name. Kase attempts to call him "Grandpa," but Kyle just calls him "Pa." They will usually call out his name when we turn on their road and when we pull into church. And they must really be listening to me when I read the Big Truck Book to them and point out the kind of trucks that Dad and Grandpa make. Kyle now points to the man wearing the hard hat, sitting in the telephone line repair truck and says "Pa."

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