Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kyle And His Hats

Kyle is near obsession with several things... cars, balls, and HATS! He won't get on a tricycle or ride a 4-wheeler or play car without a hat on. Once he realizes that he is riding something without a hat he will make the sign for hat and want me to go get him one.

And his favorite is, by far, the warrior helmet that I got for participating in the Warrior Dash back in May. The seams are ripping on both of the horns and stuffing is falling out all over the house and the back yard. **ATTENTION FELLOW WARRIORS: We need your warrior helmets for back up!**

I love how he will just walk in a room with some crazy hat on and just act like nothing is weird at all. Another one he wears a lot is actually not a hat at all. It is the plastic lining from a play construction hat. It kinda looks like what they put on people's head in the movies to electrocute them in the electric chair.

One morning, several weeks ago (still catching up!), he was attempting to wear three hats at the same time. I was quite entertained by his persistance.

"Ah, forget it. This is easier and I look way cool!"

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