Tuesday, September 14, 2010

July Leftovers

We love our new living room and we love the new giant couch that fills it up. There is room for all of us to cuddle up or stretch out. I think we should all be able to fit, even when the boys are six feet tall!

There is a linen closet between the boys' room and the playroom. Kase, being the little messer that he is, got caught using it for his own personal storage area. The beach towels that usually occupy this shelf found a new home on the floor, while Kase's treasures were being hid there. But, would you look at that face? How could you ever get mad at that face?!

The boys are beginning to play outside by themselves so well these days. I was watching them through the living room windows the other morning and saw them actually playing together... and not fighting or hitting or biting. Kase would push and pull Kyle around in the car all over the back patio.

I stopped at the Dollar Store on the way home from work one day and grabbed a couple of new little toys for the boys. Kase had really begun to notice and point out the tractors in the truck book, so I picked up a toy tractor for him. And Kyle got a new toy car. Kase's tractor came with a little plastic farmer man. Kyle got it and made him sit and drive his little car. For some reason it was neat to watch his chubby little fingers work so precisely to get the man in the car.

Just another picture of Warrior Kyle on a tricycle! Never gets old!

Even though all of the cabinets have locks on them now, Kase can still get his skinny arms in the spice cabinet. This picture was taken not long after he woke up that morning. His face still looks so sleepy! Randomly, I will find Kase walking around with the nutmeg or a bottle of oregano stuffed between the couch cushions. Crazy, crazy kids! Man, I love them!

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