Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ice Cream Social

Just as our house was being finished up, we found out, through the Lorena grapevine, that we would be getting new neighbors just weeks after we moved in. And we were ecstatic to find out that they were Jamie and Mark! Jamie went to the same high school as Jason and I, and I am great friends with her older sister, Cheryl.

Jamie and Mark are great neighbors. We love living next to them and so do the boys. They love to wonder over to their front yard in the morning while Jamie and Mark are at work. They will walk around with their hands up, asking "Where's Jamie?"

Jamie and I thought it would be fun to throw a little ice cream social for our new neighborhood. We made up invitations and put them in every one's mailboxes. We had a good turn out, and everyone enjoyed standing around eating ice cream while getting to know each other. We didn't all say good night until after it got dark.

One of the little neighborhood girls really liked pulling Kyle and Kase in the wagon. They liked their free ride as well!

The boys really wanted to get down and play with the kids. And they had their share of ice cream that night too.

Our awesome neighbors, Jamie and Mark...

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Laura said...

That's a really cute idea!