Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ice Cream Social

Just as our house was being finished up, we found out, through the Lorena grapevine, that we would be getting new neighbors just weeks after we moved in. And we were ecstatic to find out that they were Jamie and Mark! Jamie went to the same high school as Jason and I, and I am great friends with her older sister, Cheryl.

Jamie and Mark are great neighbors. We love living next to them and so do the boys. They love to wonder over to their front yard in the morning while Jamie and Mark are at work. They will walk around with their hands up, asking "Where's Jamie?"

Jamie and I thought it would be fun to throw a little ice cream social for our new neighborhood. We made up invitations and put them in every one's mailboxes. We had a good turn out, and everyone enjoyed standing around eating ice cream while getting to know each other. We didn't all say good night until after it got dark.

One of the little neighborhood girls really liked pulling Kyle and Kase in the wagon. They liked their free ride as well!

The boys really wanted to get down and play with the kids. And they had their share of ice cream that night too.

Our awesome neighbors, Jamie and Mark...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

July Leftovers

We love our new living room and we love the new giant couch that fills it up. There is room for all of us to cuddle up or stretch out. I think we should all be able to fit, even when the boys are six feet tall!

There is a linen closet between the boys' room and the playroom. Kase, being the little messer that he is, got caught using it for his own personal storage area. The beach towels that usually occupy this shelf found a new home on the floor, while Kase's treasures were being hid there. But, would you look at that face? How could you ever get mad at that face?!

The boys are beginning to play outside by themselves so well these days. I was watching them through the living room windows the other morning and saw them actually playing together... and not fighting or hitting or biting. Kase would push and pull Kyle around in the car all over the back patio.

I stopped at the Dollar Store on the way home from work one day and grabbed a couple of new little toys for the boys. Kase had really begun to notice and point out the tractors in the truck book, so I picked up a toy tractor for him. And Kyle got a new toy car. Kase's tractor came with a little plastic farmer man. Kyle got it and made him sit and drive his little car. For some reason it was neat to watch his chubby little fingers work so precisely to get the man in the car.

Just another picture of Warrior Kyle on a tricycle! Never gets old!

Even though all of the cabinets have locks on them now, Kase can still get his skinny arms in the spice cabinet. This picture was taken not long after he woke up that morning. His face still looks so sleepy! Randomly, I will find Kase walking around with the nutmeg or a bottle of oregano stuffed between the couch cushions. Crazy, crazy kids! Man, I love them!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Front Yard Fun

Now that we have a nice, fenced-in backyard with no dog in it, the boys still love to play in the front yard!

Most mornings when we get back from our walk/run, I get the boys out of the stroller and they run around the front yard while I catch my breath and attempt to stop sweating like a water faucet.

They both love to play with the brooms. Luckily there are two! There are times when Kyle and Kase will be "sweeping" up and down the street.

Another favorite is the sidewalk chalk. If only it's use was limited to the sidewalk! The boys like to make their mark on the wagon, the trash cans, and anything else they can reach. No harm done though, it's only chalk!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Favorite Tri-Athletes

On July 25 Jenny, Megan and Ryan competed in the second annual TriWaco triathlon. Jenny and Megan participated in the sprint... 400 meter swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 5K run. Ryan did the Olympic version... 1500 meter swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 10K run. And we just watched! Jason and I took the boys so that we could all cheer on Megan, Jenny, and Ryan.

We got there too late and missed Jenny and Megan's swim (they were just too fast!), but we got to see Ryan finish his swim. And I'm sure we saw him, we just didn't know which skinny guy in the yellow swim cap was actually him. But I took pictures of them all!

We did see Megan and Jenny come in from their bike and transition to their run. Megan was all business and never made eye contact with any of us cheering for her.

Jenny was happy to see us and gave us a big smile. She even looked over to Lara, as she was putting her bike up, and mouthed "This is hard!"

Uncle Ryan getting on his bike after the swim.

It was so sweet to see that Megan and Jenny stayed together. We watched them from the bridge and Jenny smiled and waved at us. Megan then slapped her on the arm and told her to stop waving and run!

Almost done!

Kyle and Kase were so proud of their Aunts and Uncle.

So now we had to entertain the boys while Ryan finished up. Sunglasses helped. And Kyle picked flowers off a plant for a good ten minutes.

We finally spotted Ryan after his long run. This was his first triathlon and he beat his goal. He finished 13th in his age group. He and Megan are planning to do another Triathlon in Austin.

The event in Waco was maxed out at over 800 people. The participants really like the course and organizers expect it to grow to be the largest tri event in Texas. I love when Waco is good at something!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The New Tuesday Night

Jason still enjoys his beer and pizza night with his friends at Pappa Rollo's each Tuesday night. But, because we don't live in Waco anymore we are a good 15 minutes from Chick-fil-A now (sniff, sniff, tear!).

My Mom still stays late on most Tuesdays and my Dad comes over after work as well. Lorena may not have a Chick-fil-A, but they do have a pretty awesome pizza place. I call in a pizza to the Lorena Pizza House and pick it up on my home.

The boys are not great eaters, but they will almost always eat pizza. And I can even slip in some black olives and bell peppers sometimes!

*Side note* These two love their Grandpa! I think they have figured out that he will do anything they want! They point to any white truck that we pass and say his name. Kase attempts to call him "Grandpa," but Kyle just calls him "Pa." They will usually call out his name when we turn on their road and when we pull into church. And they must really be listening to me when I read the Big Truck Book to them and point out the kind of trucks that Dad and Grandpa make. Kyle now points to the man wearing the hard hat, sitting in the telephone line repair truck and says "Pa."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kyle And His Hats

Kyle is near obsession with several things... cars, balls, and HATS! He won't get on a tricycle or ride a 4-wheeler or play car without a hat on. Once he realizes that he is riding something without a hat he will make the sign for hat and want me to go get him one.

And his favorite is, by far, the warrior helmet that I got for participating in the Warrior Dash back in May. The seams are ripping on both of the horns and stuffing is falling out all over the house and the back yard. **ATTENTION FELLOW WARRIORS: We need your warrior helmets for back up!**

I love how he will just walk in a room with some crazy hat on and just act like nothing is weird at all. Another one he wears a lot is actually not a hat at all. It is the plastic lining from a play construction hat. It kinda looks like what they put on people's head in the movies to electrocute them in the electric chair.

One morning, several weeks ago (still catching up!), he was attempting to wear three hats at the same time. I was quite entertained by his persistance.

"Ah, forget it. This is easier and I look way cool!"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jumping Party

There is a place in Waco called Jumping Party. It is a big open warehouse space full of fun inflatables for kids. The boys are just old enough to be able to enjoy them. They have open jump time several times a week beginning at 10 am. When we still lived in Waco, I would take the boys about once a week. It was a good activity to wear the boys out and something to do inside when it was so hot outside. We would usually get there right before open jump time because we would have to leave after about an hour to get home for nap time.

This morning, at the end of July, there was only one other little boy playing so the boys had the entire place to themselves for a while. The owner's little girl was there and helped the boys get up and down and played with them.