Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Little Oxymorons

Lots of people ask me about the boys' personalities. Who is the leader? Who is more outgoing? Who is the mean one (terrible question, don't ever ask a mom that!)? And it is so hard for me to give them answers.

We have always say that Kase is the easy going one. And I would still say that he is, but more and more he is getting more assertive.

Kyle has always been more demanding and insistent on getting his way. I've been caught telling him that I would throw him in the river or lock him in his room. And I'm only kidding (mostly), but he can wear me out.

But then they do things that are completely opposite of the personalities that we have assigned them.

Kase is not good at sharing. At.All. If he wants something that Kyle has, he will take it. And more than half the time Kyle will be so easy going about it. He will just go get something else to play with. Not all the time... there are many times I have to run to a crying Kyle's rescue.

As the more demanding of the two, I wouldn't expect Kyle to be as sweet and kind as he is.

Months ago, when I brought home a baby doll (against Jason's wishes) for the boys to play pretend with, Kyle became very attached. He would hug the doll and be so sweet with him. The doll became an aid in getting him to go to bed. We would ask him where his baby was and he would want to lay in bed and hug on the baby. Cutest thing ever!

His new thing is to cover the baby up and pretend that he is sleeping. The other day when I was taking video of the boys playing in their cribs, I saw him say "shhhh" for the fist time. Except he touches his finger to his nose instead of covering his lips and says "sssss" instead of "shhhh." Okay, maybe this is the cutest thing ever.

You have to ignore the noise that Kase is making in the background (its easy, I do it all the time!). He wanted to get his little hands on the camera.

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