Monday, July 26, 2010

June Leftovers

Because I was such a bad blogger in June, I didn't get any of these cute pictures posted. So, I thought I would just throw them all into one big post and be done with it...

I had left a box of cereal too close to the edge of the kitchen counter and Kase got his little monkey hands on it. I walked into the living room and found Kase just going to town on the cereal.

Kyle soon joined in too.

Jason and I took a nice vacation to Cancun for a college friend's wedding. We had a great time and it was so weird/awesome to not be responsible for anyone but ourselves.

Our parents went to Cancun and brought us back these lousy t-shirts...

But, luckily our Aunt Enny brought back these cool guitars.

Oh, and they brought back a couple of these cool Mexican wrestler masks!

We had a little too much fun picking out which masks to bring home to the boys.

During the weeks that I was trying to pack up and clean the old house, the boys would get pretty stir crazy while being stuck in the house. So one day I pulled them around the house using a laundry basket and one of Jason's belt. They loved it.

I posted an ad on Craig's List for our couch and the good ole' big red chair. Before the buyer came to pick it up, I sat in it with the boys one last time. The three of us had spent so many hours in that chair while they nursed. There were days early on when I wondered if my butt had become permanently attached to that chair.

We also said good bye to our good ole' dog, Lola. Since the boys were born, we had not been giving Lola enough attention. And she liked to dig and chew on things so we knew we didn't want to take her to the new house and take the chance of her tearing up our new back yard.

I put an ad on Craig's List for Lola also, and a nice couple with an 8 week old son and a one year old Lab mix contacted me about her. They were looking for another dog to keep their dog, Abby, company. They brought Abby over to meet Lola and then came again for another visit to make sure that they would all get along. Once they told me that they were going to take Lola, I warned them that I was going to cry. And the next day when they came to pick her up, I bawled my eyes out.

Lola's new family has sent me a couple email updates and she is doing great. Lola has been loving playing fetch with Abby and returning first with a proud look on her face. They also like playing tug of war with each other. I know it was the right move for Lola and I'm glad I was able to find such a great new family for her.

The Saturday that she left, we were busy doing yard work and getting ready for our move, but I'm so glad that we have this family picture to remember her by. The boys and I are going to make plans soon to go visit Lola and her new family as soon as the weather cools down a bit.

And this one is just too cute for words... once Lola was gone the boys got to enjoy the old back yard for a few days before we moved. I served their breakfast outside just about every morning.

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