Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mmmmm, Watermelon

One Saturday afternoon I took the boys outside so that they could try some watermelon. Kase LOVED it. He kept saying "mmmm!" He made a huge mess so I was glad that I made them go outside to eat it.

Kyle may have had a bite or two, but became way more interested in the pool that was still set up from an earlier trip outside. He was over the side and in the pool faster that I could get to him. His diaper exploded as it soaked up all the water from the pool. He couldn't even walk with that heavy thing on.

And Kase thought that was pretty funny!

But not funny enough to put his watermelon down and join Kyle in the pool!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Haven't Posted A Video In A While...

Things The Boys Like...

To play with blocks. We build tall towers and I tell them "don't knock it down." Kase loves to come knock it down and giggle. I call him Destructo-Kase. Kyle will put his hands up by his face and say "oh no!" And then we do it all over again.

To pull things out of the kitchen cabinets. Oh, how this annoys me! Once we decided to buy a new house, we didn't want to install cabinet locks on all of the cabinets. I'm counting down the days until we move. And I want locks on all of the cabinets before we even start moving in!

Kase can now reach into the top drawer if he stands on his tip toes. He will feel around in there until he can get his little paws on something to pull out. The other day I caught him sticking spoons in the crack between the dishwasher and the conter top. I know we've lost at least one spoon in there. Who knows what else!

Open gym time at Flips Gymnastics. Open gym time is always on Friday mornings when I work, so my Mom and sisters have taken the boys. They bring me back reports that they both love running around and crawling over/through/under things. There is no open gym during the summer so they have to wait until the fall to go again. Thanks for the cute picture, Mandi!

To color, especially Kyle. Both boys will color on the walls in the bathtub, and Kyle will sometimes ask to sit at the table and color. I'd like to kiss the person who invented washable crayons... genious! FYI... the chocolate milk in the picture... not a hit! Crazy!

The bathroom drawers. There is not much Kase doesn't like to get into, but he heads straight for the bathroom drawer anytime he has the chance. He always goes for the things with lids because he likes to take them off and put them back on.

Baths. Thank goodness the boys still like taking baths. Because our tub is old and impossible to get completely clean, the boys take baths in this inflatable tub insert. There isn't much room for them to move around when they are both in there. I have been telling them how they will love the tub in the new house.

Empty jars with lids. One of the bottom drawers in the kitchen used to hold plastic zip lock bags, foil and plastic wrap. After I got tired of having all of those items strung about the kitchen and dining room, I started keeping empty food containers in that drawer. I'll save the plastic tubs that butter and sour cream come in, wash them, and then throw them into that bottom drawer. Both boys like pulling the lids on and off.

To show off. It is hilarious to get this one giggling. And once you laugh at him he will do whatever it takes to keep you laughing.

To push buttons. Why, oh why are buttons, switches, and pull strings so cool? I like how Kyle is using a toy to get even better position to push buttons on the tv. Lots of times Kyle will pull me by the hand over to a light switch and whine until I pick him up and let him flip the light switch on and off.

Hats. Kyle and Kase love to put hats on thier heads... and buckets... and bowls... and blankets... and dirty laundry that they pull out of our closet...

To watch Blue's Clues on our bed. I'm not sure why it is so much cooler to watch TV in our bedroom than in the living room, but whatever keeps them happy! They roll on to their tummies and shimmy down when they feel like moving on to the next thing.

Morning milk and cereal. They don't always lay like this in the mornings, but I thought it was funny. The milk it a must to get them to lay still so that I can change their diapers. Some mornings Kase will ask for a "nack" and I will put some cereal in a snack trap. They pull the lids off and sprinkle cereal across the living room only about half the time.

They keep me on my toes and they are always going, going, going, but I still really love this age. Its so cool to watch them grow into little people.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sick Babies

Well, we escaped it long enough. The boys finally got sick... for real sick. They have had mild fevers and runny noses and coughs, but nothing like this. Never unexplained puke for SEVEN days. Yes, seven!

About a month ago, on a Friday afternoon, I called my mom from work and she told me the bad news. Kase had thrown up three or four times. I had no idea what I was in for when I got home. He was pitiful. I held him for the next few hours, while he would throw up every twenty to thirty minutes and just cry afterwards, not knowing what was happening to him. It was heart breaking. He couldn't even keep water down for more than a few minutes.

We called my sister, Jenny, and she gave us the orders for no food or water. After no puking for two hours he could have water, after no puking for four hours after that he could have anything off the BRAT diet...Banana, Rice, Apples, Toast. We didn't make it to that point for quite a while.

Kyle hadn't shown any signs of being sick so we put him to bed at 7:00. A few hours later he was crying. Jason went into their room and there was puke all over Kyle and all over his crib. The rest of the night is pretty much a blur, but I know it was filled with plenty of puke, changing clothes, changing sheets, giving baths and lots of laundry.

Saturday and Sunday were mostly puke free, but the boys were really dragging. I thought it was just a 24 hour virus until the puke was back Sunday night. And then it didn't stop. With two boys puking it seemed like someone was puking every few hours, but once I started writing down when they would puke, drink, eat, and get medicine I noticed that each of them would sometimes go 5-12 hours without getting sick. I would convince myself that we made it through, but then the puke would return.

We were constantly getting medical advise from Jenny, my sister the PA, and I knew it was a virus and that the doctor wouldn't be able to do anything about it. But, on the seventh day I was about to lose it so I took them in. Diagnosis: virus, sometimes they just take this long. I knew it. At least Kase threw up in the doctor's office just to show the nurses and doctor that they meant business!

And the rest of us weren't spared either. I was bedridden Monday, Jason on Tuesday, my Mom and Jenny on Wednesday, and because Jason's parents watched the boys for us for several hours on Sunday, when we thought we were out of the woods, they got it too! Thankfully the adults got over it in about 24 hours or so.

Just look at these pitiful babies. Poor things!

Both boys, but Kyle especially, would cry and cry and cry for a bottle of milk. If they had gone 12 hours without puking I would give in a give them a few ounces of watered down milk. After a few times of that coming back to bite me in the butt, I banned all milk. Since they had to go several mornings without their beloved bottle of milk first thing in the morning, I decided that this would be the time to get rid of the bottles. We were already half way there and I didn't want to start over again. After a few more days they were broke of their bottles. Yea! The only good thing to come from all of this puking!