Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Random Things That I Want to Remember...

Kyle loves to snap and unsnap the straps of his high chair. Except he can't always unsnap it. He will get frustrated and whine. I will say "Help, please?" And he will sign please, and then I will unsnap it for him. He also does this with the big blue nursing pillow that still sits in a corner of the living room. He will sit in the middle of it with the straps pulled around his waist and snap and unsnap the straps.

Kase is a climber. That skinny little thing can shimmy up the couch in half a second. He is also a messer (not that he brother isn't!). He loves to open drawer, doors, and anything else he can get his little hands on just to see what is inside so that he can mess with it. Once the boys start playing in the morning I have to pull the blinds up because Kase just loves to climb on the couch and mess with the blinds. He has broken two of the slats, but I'm not replacing them until we move.

Kyle is a messy eater. And a fast eater. I will put both boys in their chairs and put their trays of food in front of them. Kyle will eat what he is going to eat in a couple minutes and then proceed to throw the rest of the floor. When he thinks he is done he will make the sign for "all done" and whine until someone lets him down. Kyle LOVES grapes and mandarin oranges.

Kase will sit and eat very quietly and slowly. And if Kyle decides that he might have room for just a little more, he will come by and pick something off of Kase's tray. Kase will also sign "all done" when he is finished, but he waves both of his arms back and forth instead of just his hands. It's cute! Kase LOVES grapes and strawberries.

Kase loves to push or pull things. This popper toy, that I bought for $2 at a consignment sale, is his absolute favorite. I uses to hate that he wanted to push/pull it around all of the time because it would end up making him fall, but now that he is a better walker I just have to deal with the noise! If we are away from home, playing at a friend's house or the library, he always gravitates to a toy that he can push or pull around. And he would rather push one of the Flinstone cars around the front yard than ride in it.

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Stephanie said...

That last picture is really cute! My daughter always hatter that her toy like that wouldn't stand up on it own ;)