Thursday, May 27, 2010

Earth Day

This post is dedicated to Lala... the best recycler we know!

About a year ago I started recycling. I don't recycle everything I could, but I'm starting small. I break down cardboard boxes that food and other products come in and stuff them in an empty diaper box in the garage. I also rinse out and collect empty milk jugs. We go through four gallons of milk a week so they add up quickly.

Earth Day fell on Thursday, April 22 this year. I had a good collection of cardboard and milk jugs going in the garage so I load them up in the back of the car and dropped them off after the boys and I went to the gym that morning.

With all of the Earth Day excitement, Kyle fell asleep on the five minute drive from the gym to the collection spot.

Kase was ready to party!

I hope to start collecting glass and aluminum once we move to the new house and hopefully have some extra room.

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Lara said...

Thumbs up. And I'm holding you to that statement about finally starting to collect glass when you move. You've waited long enough!