Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bottle Babies

The boys still have two bottles a day... one when they wake up and one before they go to bed. I don't see it as a good thing, but I don't see it as a bad thing yet either. I can tell they get some comfort out of slurping on that bottle of whole milk. And because they rid themselves of their pacifiers somewhere around 6 months, I'm letting the bottles slide a little longer. On the morning of their 15 month birthday I tried to swap out the bottles of milk with sippy cups of milk. That did not go over well. I was going to try again on their 16th month birthday, but we were out of town. Maybe 17 months?

The boys eat dinner around 6pm and then get a bath afterwards about every other night... sometimes more often when they end up wearing more of their dinner than eating it. Around 6:45 we all head to the living room with pajamas and overnight diapers.... and bottles. The boys are almost always crabby from about 5pm until bedtime, but the bottles will always calm them down. They will lay still while drinking so that we can change their clothes and diapers. Then it is cuddle time on the couch while they finish. Kyle usually finishes first and will walk to the kitchen and sign "more." He will drink another 2-3 ounces while Kase finishes up. We put them to bed in their cribs around 7pm. They each curl up with their loveies and Kyle has a baby that he cuddles with. We cover them up with a blanket, give kisses and I love you's and shut the door. They are usually asleep by the time we leave the room!

The boys wake up around 6am. And every now and then one will be crying to get up and the other (usually Kase) will still be sleeping. So then it is one on one time with Mom! They will cry/whine until they get that morning bottle. Before I open the door to their room I get two bottles from the fridge (that were poured the night before) and set them in the living room. Then I go in their room, carry both of them into the living room, and lay them on the ottoman. While they are laying there still, I change two very wet diapers. After a while Kyle will point to the tv and say something that sounds like "blue." He wants me to turn on Blue's Clues. There are two episodes on at 6 and 6:30 on Nick Jr.

They finish their bottles in the big red chair. They are in the best moods this time of day, and they usually play so well together. Recently I have been putting up the baby gate and sneaking back to bed for another 30 minutes or so. They have most of the toys spread out over the living room by the time I get back.

It may not be ideal, but this routine works for us right now. And I know they won't be bottle babies for ever...

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Alyssa Mitchell said...

I would do whatever it takes if I had twins to keep the peace in babyland. Job well done!