Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boys Being Boys

Several weeks ago (before it was a million degrees outside) the boys were playing outside when I came home from work. They were having such a good time.

Kase started playing with the water hose and discovered that it has a constant drip that we can't turn off. He was soaked in a matter of a few minutes.

And then he discovered the recipe for mud. Just add dirt!

They were laughing and having such a good time playing in the water and mud that there was no way I was going to try and stop them. I just sat back, snapped a few pictures and tried to burn the image a pure joy on their faces into my brain forever.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mother's Day

We spent the Saturday before Mother's Day with Jason's parents. The boys played outside in their backyard, and we grilled hamburgers. Jason's Mom keeps toys for the boys and also some of Jason's old toys in a closet in one of the bed rooms. The boys know exactly where it is and make a bee line for that closet as soon as we get in the front door.

When we got home Saturday night, the boys gave me their mother's day gift. I got a welcome mat for our new house, some beautiful flowers, and sweet cards.

We all went to church Sunday morning and then spent the rest of the day at my parent's house. Megan was in Austin the night before so she stopped by and spent the afternoon with us. And Jenny came over for a few hours before she had to go to work. My Mom was able to see all three of her daughters on Mother's Day. And I, of course, got to spend the day with these two as well!

Being a Mom to these two has got to be my favorite thing ever. It is also the most difficult and scariest! I had no idea that they would adore me the way they do. I am their favorite person in the world... just because I'm their Mom. I can make them feel better after a bump or a bruise... just because I'm their Mom. I can comfort them like no one else can... just because I'm their Mom. And I know it won't always be that way, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I just love these guys!

Only Jason knows how hard it is for me to admit this... but, in this picture I think Kase looks like Jason when he was little.

There, I admit it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Earth Day

This post is dedicated to Lala... the best recycler we know!

About a year ago I started recycling. I don't recycle everything I could, but I'm starting small. I break down cardboard boxes that food and other products come in and stuff them in an empty diaper box in the garage. I also rinse out and collect empty milk jugs. We go through four gallons of milk a week so they add up quickly.

Earth Day fell on Thursday, April 22 this year. I had a good collection of cardboard and milk jugs going in the garage so I load them up in the back of the car and dropped them off after the boys and I went to the gym that morning.

With all of the Earth Day excitement, Kyle fell asleep on the five minute drive from the gym to the collection spot.

Kase was ready to party!

I hope to start collecting glass and aluminum once we move to the new house and hopefully have some extra room.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm so behind on blogging. I'll just keep trying to catch up... maybe one day!

Several weeks ago my sister, Megan, was in town for something. She was over at our house around dinner time. The boys had just finished eating and found some extra energy that needed to be burnt off. And I think because Megan was there, they decided to show off a little. They were running around the house, acting crazy, making everyone laugh. They just kept going and going. I let them stay up 45 minutes past their bedtime because they were in such good moods and entertaining everyone.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Random Things That I Want to Remember...

Kyle loves to snap and unsnap the straps of his high chair. Except he can't always unsnap it. He will get frustrated and whine. I will say "Help, please?" And he will sign please, and then I will unsnap it for him. He also does this with the big blue nursing pillow that still sits in a corner of the living room. He will sit in the middle of it with the straps pulled around his waist and snap and unsnap the straps.

Kase is a climber. That skinny little thing can shimmy up the couch in half a second. He is also a messer (not that he brother isn't!). He loves to open drawer, doors, and anything else he can get his little hands on just to see what is inside so that he can mess with it. Once the boys start playing in the morning I have to pull the blinds up because Kase just loves to climb on the couch and mess with the blinds. He has broken two of the slats, but I'm not replacing them until we move.

Kyle is a messy eater. And a fast eater. I will put both boys in their chairs and put their trays of food in front of them. Kyle will eat what he is going to eat in a couple minutes and then proceed to throw the rest of the floor. When he thinks he is done he will make the sign for "all done" and whine until someone lets him down. Kyle LOVES grapes and mandarin oranges.

Kase will sit and eat very quietly and slowly. And if Kyle decides that he might have room for just a little more, he will come by and pick something off of Kase's tray. Kase will also sign "all done" when he is finished, but he waves both of his arms back and forth instead of just his hands. It's cute! Kase LOVES grapes and strawberries.

Kase loves to push or pull things. This popper toy, that I bought for $2 at a consignment sale, is his absolute favorite. I uses to hate that he wanted to push/pull it around all of the time because it would end up making him fall, but now that he is a better walker I just have to deal with the noise! If we are away from home, playing at a friend's house or the library, he always gravitates to a toy that he can push or pull around. And he would rather push one of the Flinstone cars around the front yard than ride in it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bottle Babies

The boys still have two bottles a day... one when they wake up and one before they go to bed. I don't see it as a good thing, but I don't see it as a bad thing yet either. I can tell they get some comfort out of slurping on that bottle of whole milk. And because they rid themselves of their pacifiers somewhere around 6 months, I'm letting the bottles slide a little longer. On the morning of their 15 month birthday I tried to swap out the bottles of milk with sippy cups of milk. That did not go over well. I was going to try again on their 16th month birthday, but we were out of town. Maybe 17 months?

The boys eat dinner around 6pm and then get a bath afterwards about every other night... sometimes more often when they end up wearing more of their dinner than eating it. Around 6:45 we all head to the living room with pajamas and overnight diapers.... and bottles. The boys are almost always crabby from about 5pm until bedtime, but the bottles will always calm them down. They will lay still while drinking so that we can change their clothes and diapers. Then it is cuddle time on the couch while they finish. Kyle usually finishes first and will walk to the kitchen and sign "more." He will drink another 2-3 ounces while Kase finishes up. We put them to bed in their cribs around 7pm. They each curl up with their loveies and Kyle has a baby that he cuddles with. We cover them up with a blanket, give kisses and I love you's and shut the door. They are usually asleep by the time we leave the room!

The boys wake up around 6am. And every now and then one will be crying to get up and the other (usually Kase) will still be sleeping. So then it is one on one time with Mom! They will cry/whine until they get that morning bottle. Before I open the door to their room I get two bottles from the fridge (that were poured the night before) and set them in the living room. Then I go in their room, carry both of them into the living room, and lay them on the ottoman. While they are laying there still, I change two very wet diapers. After a while Kyle will point to the tv and say something that sounds like "blue." He wants me to turn on Blue's Clues. There are two episodes on at 6 and 6:30 on Nick Jr.

They finish their bottles in the big red chair. They are in the best moods this time of day, and they usually play so well together. Recently I have been putting up the baby gate and sneaking back to bed for another 30 minutes or so. They have most of the toys spread out over the living room by the time I get back.

It may not be ideal, but this routine works for us right now. And I know they won't be bottle babies for ever...

Kyle and Kase STILL Hate Cancer

My Mom and I participated in Race For the Cure with the boys on April 24th. I wanted to get a picture of the boys before the race, but they had other ideas.

Kyle really, really hates cancer!

They were in better moods once we got to the race... and they had their snack traps.

Just one year ago... and willing to sit still!

No More Christmas Pajamas

After many months of wearing Christmas pajamas AFTER Christmas, I finally bought the boys some new cooler, summer pajamas. I love the pair with the old man pajama bottoms the best.

Well, Color Me Happy

Kyle and Kase love using the bath crayons they got in their Easter baskets. They can color on the sides of the tub and I just rinse it off with a little water once they are done.

I guess Kyle got tired of his usual canvases so Kase's back was a good fill in. Then he moved on to coloring his own belly.