Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny left baskets full of fun stuff for the boys Easter morning. They each got a Dr. Seuss board book, a slinky, a trinket box with a lid (they love taking lids off of things and putting them back on), stickers, and a coloring book. They also got bath tub crayons and a bubble blower to share (yeah, right).

The boys woke up before 6 am Sunday morning so I gave them a bottle and put them back to bed. Kase was back up around 7 so he got to open his Easter basket first. He loved pulling everything out of it and even inspected Kyle's to make sure the Easter Bunny was fair with his gifts.

Yes, Christmas pajamas... even on Easter... deal!

Kyle ended up sleeping past 8:00. Church starts at 8:30 so I had to go into their room to wake him up, throw clothes on him, and feed him an awesome breakfast of milk and graham crackers in the car on the way to church. So I didn't get any pictures of Kyle discovering his Easter basket, but trust me... he loved it!


Lara said...

Bahaha! I was JUST about to comment something along the lines of "Seriously, Breyer. They're STILL wearing those Christmas pjs? Didn't we make fun of you, like, THREE months ago for that?!?" But then I read your caption and thought better of it. Wait. I guess I didn't think TOO much better of it b/c I still said it here. :) Seriously, Breyer!

Laura said...

Makinley opened her Easter basket in Christmas PJs as well. If they fit, you can't store them away.