Friday, April 16, 2010

Time For Another House Update...

The brick and stone work is almost finished. Drywall is up, taped, and textured inside. The bathtubs and shower are in. We have a garage door and a back door (the kind with the blinds inside the panes of glass... kinda excited about that!).

We have picked out vanities, glass for the shower door, carpet, tile, granite for the counter tops, back splash tile, and the front door. And it has been exhausting! But we know we will love every little detail about our new house.

A view from the living room to the kitchen.

And coming in from the garage to the living room.

A shot of the back side of the house. I have to say that Jason wanted this exterior paint color and I wanted a different one. I let him win that one and I'm glad I did. It looks awesome.

These next pictures are from a few weeks ago, but I never got them posted. We took the boys over to see the house again and this time they were both awake!

Everything is still on schedule, so it should be finished around the end of May. We can't wait!

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