Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"One Hat, Two Hats, Three Hats...

Look at these hats." That is the line from the Baby Signing Time song about hats. And now it will be stuck in my head for the next three days.

Both boys can sign hat... its an easy one. You just pat the top of your head with your hand. There are four little boy hats that hang on the hooks by the front door. At least once a day Kyle will go over and sign hat to tell me that he wants me to get down one of the hats for him to wear. Sometimes after he is already wearing his hat he signs it again. I get another hat down, and he takes it over to Kase so that Kase can wear a hat too.

One time, while eating, my Mom said something to Kase about the food being hot. He misheard her and signed hat. We giggled!

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